Selective Functional Movement Assessment

Selective Functional Movement Assessment

The SFMA streamlines the orthopedic assessment to provide an in-depth movement diagnosis, encompassing the concept of regional interdependence. As clinicians, it is essential that we understand how mobility and/or motor control impairments in one region can adversely affect function throughout the body.

The founders of SFMA believe there are many valuable mobility techniques and tools available to rehabilitation professionals. When used at the right time by the right person, these tools are highly effective in restoring mobility impairments. It is then important to reload the patterns with posture and load appropriate motor control drills in order to restore and normalize movement.

These are not the same concepts as traditional therapeutic exercise, but rather ones based on the neurodevelopmental perspective, and proper movement patterning. The SFMA introduces the "4x4 matrix," a systematic, standardized clinical approach to motor control training. The "4x4 matrix" consists of 4 postures with 4 different types of resistance.

The severity of the motor control dysfunction is first assessed, and then a progression through the matrix is systematically applied until the patient is able to perform the movement while standing, or posture 4.

Once the fundamental patterns of the SFMA have been normalized, appropriate evidence-based discharge testing is recommended, including the Y-Balance Test and the Functional Movement Screen.

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