Sports Performance and Injury Prevention - 1 hour

Sports Performance and Injury Prevention - 1 hour

Are you looking to take your sports performance to the next level? Are you wanting to start, or get back into an exercise or training routine? Let's make sure you have the fundamental mobility and strength you need, and then build you a program from there.

We begin by taking a detailed medical history to understand your current and past health conditions, medications, and any other relevant information. Next, I take you through the Functional Movement Screen (FMS) to identify any mobility or stability imbalances, asymmetries, or limitations in your movement patterns. Based on this assessment, we develop and implement a customized treatment plan, including a personalized home exercise and training program - to help you achieve your goal of returning to an exercise routine, or improving your sports performance, with a reduced chance of injury.

Our mission is to help you optimize your athletic performance and achieve your fitness goals in a safe and sustainable manner.

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